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We Play Interactive


Welcome to the Women’s Sports Foundation We Play Interactive! Hosted on a fully accessible digital learning platform, We Play Interactive is for program leaders, coaches and mentors looking to create a safe, welcoming and engaging environment that empowers girls to explore, grow and thrive through physical activity and sport.

About the Women's Sports Foundation

The Women’s Sports Foundation was founded in 1974 by sports and social justice icon Billie Jean King. WSF exists to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and life.

  • We educate coaches, parents, community leaders, business leaders and others about the benefits of sports and physical activity for girls and women.
  • We advocate for Title IX and other policies at the grassroots, state and national levels to shape legislation that ensures equitable opportunities for girls and women.
  • We support community-based organizations, program leaders and coaches throughout the country with grants, technical assistance and educational resources to increase girls’ participation in physical activity and sports.

We Play Interactive Experience

  • Designed to be integrated into any program, whether on the field, in the classroom or anywhere in the community – and it can be easily accessed “on the go.” Use it on computer or mobile device to inspire the girls you work with every day.

  • Places a full menu of theme-based activity modules at your fingertips. Each offers easy-to-follow activity plans with warm ups, movement-based activities, breathing exercises, reflections, discussions and more.

  • Offers professional development training modules to enhance your leader’s skills and to build community. Share ideas and insights with your colleagues across the country.

  • Features a video library of elite female athletes to share with the girls in your program to spark conversation and connection.

Learning Overview

What you’ll find:

Training Modules that enhance knowledge and skills, to spark new insights and ideas. Choose the Training Modules that inspire your work with girls.
  1. Create a Physically and Emotionally Safe Space
  2. Help Girls Thrive
  3. Make All Girls Feel Welcome
  4. Get Girls Playing - and Keep Them Playing
  5. Connect Mind-Body: Mental health
  6. Connect Mind-Body Physical Health
  7. Make Inclusion a Reality

Activity Modules that blend topics essential to girls’ lives with fundamental movement skills and life lessons. There are ten Activity Modules, each offering three 45-minute “activity plans”:

  1. Authentic Self
  2. Building Community
  3. Mind-Body Connection
  4. Our Body, Our Power
  5. Healthy Relationships
  6. Leadership
  7. Activism, Allyship and Social Change
  8. Managing Adversity
  9. Success Through Sport
  10. Sport and Media

Video Library that features accomplished female athletes who are extraordinary role models. Hear them share their personal stories from challenges and triumphs, to the everyday ways they manage stress, body image and more. Discussion starters help get girls thinking and talking about their own experiences.

Resource Modules that offer additional information such as Facilitator Tips, English Language Learner Tips, and much more.